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SBell Wellness ignited as I sought out to create a place were like-minded individuals seeking wellness could come learn about healthy lifestyle choices and natural solutions. I offer educational classes, as well as customizable health coaching programs to support your wellness journey.  Classes and coaching are available in-person and online. 



My professional training is rooted in psychology, health science, and integrated health coaching. I believe that research and science bring us important evidence and consistent reliable information is essential to the ongoing progression of medical advancement. I continue to be seeker of quality information as it relates to the human mind, body and spirit.  It is this mindset that has brought me to where I am today in my wellness journey. I believe we should continue to lean on reliable evidence as we make choices for our wellness lifestyles.  



On this journey, I have learned that an integrated approach to medicine is key for progression of our health and wellness. Understanding the root of illness is essential for life long vitality.  I am eager to support you as we learn to consistently listen to our bodies. We can make informed choices for food and products we put in and on our bodies each day. We can turn our attention to the lifestyle choices we make in the areas of career, relationships, exercise and spirituality. In doing so, I believe  we will bring our best selves forward.   


My hope is that this will be a place you visit to learn about taking care of the mind, body, and spirit through the use of natural solutions and consistent inner work. I am eager to be your guide as we journey together in wellness.   


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SBell Wellness provides natural solutions education, products and health coaching programs to support an integrated approach to health and wellness. Shauna is also a school occupational therapist & youth yoga instructor. 


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