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Shauna Bell 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Hi there! Welcome to SBell Wellness, LLC. I am so glad you are here! Grab a cup of tea and take a tour around. This all begin with a personal wellness journey for me that has evolved into a deep passion for making sure women are heard, supported, and empowered for wellness. I invite you to get to know my services: Health Coaching and doTERRA natural solutions and product sales. Please let me know how I can support your wellness journey! 

Services Provided

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching
doTERRA Essential Oils & Natural Solutions Education

As your integrative nutrition health coach, I will help guide you on a journey to respond and create balance in mind, body, and spirit.  My services are not stand alone theory focused, but individualized and geared towards what you need, right where you are now. You are in the driver's seat. I am here, as your guide on the side. A wellness lifestyle is the practice of exploring and achieving well-care through everyday routines focused on nutrition "on and off the plate". We will take a deep dive into the practice of self--awareness and listening to your body. I will help you feel confident in getting to know what foods serve and fuel you. I I am here to guide you as you observe, focus, and develop routines through physical activity, connections with your source energy, meaningful relationships, home life, career, and financial empowerment. Tapping into which of these areas of your life circle are calling for your careful attention.

As a doTERRA wellness advocate, I am your authority on all things essential oils and natural solutions. I have three groups of people in my doTERRA tribe: women who love learning and using natural products, women who love using these products and sharing them with their friends and family, and women who are a living "product of the product," love sharing the experience and are achieving time and financial freedom through this business. I'd love to connect with you and discover which of these is for you! 

Can we get you scheduled for a discovery call today to discuss how these supports can serve you? Use the contact form and let's connect today!


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My mission is to support and empower women for wellness. If you are looking for a community to connect, learn, and live a wellness lifestyle alongside, let's chat! 

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