3 Ways to Use Essential Oils 




To enjoy the aromatic benefits of your dōTERRA oils, diffuse in routine. Wear essential oil jewelry.  Apply a few drops to clothing. Inhale from bottle. Put a few drops in palm and cup hands over nose and inhale. Use a diffuser in your home/office. 


As a good guide, use 4-6 drops in your diffuser. You can mix oils, or use all of one oil, but you don’t need too much. Oils go a long way.  For little ones in their room, you only need 3-4 drops.

Topical- Apply dōTERRA oils to skin using these precautions:

  • N=neat and can be applied w/o diluting

  • S=sensitive and should consider diluting on sensitive skin

  • D=must dilute to apply topically

*Read labels for photosensitivity precautionary measures as some oils are sensitive to sunlight and should be avoided topically on sun exposed skin. 

Apply to bottoms of feet, down spine, on pulse & reflex points, or over localized areas of need.  


Drink dōTERRA oils in your water, drop in  capsules, sublingual, and in cooking to reap the benefits internally.  


dōTERRA CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) testing supports quality assurance for internal use. 


Any dōTERRA oil safe for internal use has supplemental facts on the bottle.  

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