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Grab a hold of your choices, your health and wellness depends on it!

Seems everyday we are hearing of some things that gotta change so we can stay well, right?

Yesterday, we woke up to reading updates on high levels of glyphosate in the breakfast foods on our grocers shelves here in the US. Today I am reading about the impact of nitrate ingestion from our water source

Honestly, it just boggles my mind that this is our reality. But, rather than be anxious about it, I choose to allow this information to be a source of fuel for the fire in my belly to keep being a sharer of information. We have power in the choices we make! I continue to be a sharer of informed care because I truly believe that knowledge is power and we must arm ourselves with an understanding of the fact that what we put in and on our bodies is truly crucial to sustaining a healthy, happy lifestyle. I personally have felt the power of this on my own health and well-being and continue to strive and push forward with this feel good! I hope you’re along for the journey, because you too are choosing this for yourself and your family!

You guys, we absolutely can’t just trust that what we are marketed, sold, and provided is safe. The standards for determining safety of many of these things are “sub par” and honestly just archaic. There are over 85,000 chemicals on the market and only a few 100 of them are tested for safety. Which means our bodies are just “silos” filling up with chemicals and if we don’t detox and make choices to decrease what we are choosing to put in, then symptoms and illness show up when the “silo” is full. Good peer reviewed research takes time to “prove” the impact and even then it’s not always considered by the agencies that get to govern the standards for us. So I believe it’s our job to learn about it and make decisions for ourselves and our families and then share this with each other!! We can make our voices heard with what we spend our dollars on!

Another reason this topic is so important is that we are all seeing an ever growing need to target mental health support in our communities, right? I truly believe that to target & support this with fidelity we must absolutely look at our food, water, medicines, cleaning & personal care products that we use in our daily routines. I believe it’s part of the “solution.” I have a passion for learning and sharing about this. This is why I launched SBell Wellness over a year ago & I am currently expanding my biz with a certification in Integrative Health Coaching in Nutrition from IIN.

There are just some things that seem out of our control right?! How do we change it all. If we are honest, we realize we probably won’t in our lifetime. But this doesn’t mean we don’t stop short of trying. I believe we can make a marked impact on ourselves and our communities if we grab a hold of our choices for the things we can control!! We are worth it and so are the next generations we are informing!

So, maybe you are asking: What can I do about it? How about this: Start with making a list. Jot down the things you can choose to make positive changes in your home and lifestyle. Start small and keep building on it. Here’s a few ideas:

Make a list of a few positive changes to start. Revisit the list weekly. Keep moving forward.

•Shop the perimeter of the grocery store for the majority of foods you buy for your family. Check out the dirty dozen list and try to buy organic for at least those items. Keep it simple. Food is fuel! (Message me if you want some support in this area...I’ve been working at this for some time and I’m constantly learning).

•Read the labels of your top daily use cleaning & personal care items. When it’s time to refill, look for a safer swap-one that you understand the ingredients listed. (Message me...I’ve been working on this for awhile, I can share some tried and true recommendations for laundry products, household cleaners, makeup, lotions, soaps, deodorant, personal fragrance, supplementation, first aid, & OTC health items to name a few).

•Check out a multistage reverse osmosis water filtration system (this is on my next up list-I’ll keep ya posted).

•Check out air purifiers (this is another bit of “research” I am doing right now to make a choice for our home).

•Choose a healthy mind platter. Check in on your sleep routines, plan a balance of work time and playtime, schedule in connecting and relationship building time, notice activity levels and get good movement in routine, and take time-in (self-reflection journaling, body scans, meditation, quiet time). These are all great ways to practice noticing what is going on in your body. When we get into healthy habits with noticing, our choices shift and we feel better.

•Talk about it. Ask other people if they are trying some of this. Learn from each other. Seek integrative medicine professionals who are also informed on these topics so they can support you and your family’s health choices too.

•Don’t make this harder than it is. We easily overwhelm ourselves many times and then we fall short of our vision for change because we complicate it. Just take one step. And notice the difference, pay attention on purpose. Practice grace and when you’re ready...keep stepping!!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime. I am happy to support you with what I have learned along the way so far and I can help you dig in and find out new choices too!

Choose well friends.


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