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I found out doTERRA was for me...have you?

Do you wonder about natural solutions? Have you asked yourself, is there something natural that can help me with this illness or wellness goal? Ever wonder why there so many options out there? Are they all created equal? Can we trust them all? So many questions. So many different places for "answers." Let me offer you a little support by sharing how natural solutions have been something I've gravitated towards for years now and how I found out doTERRA to complement my wellness journey so well!

Here's my why: I've had my fair share of wellness barriers; migraines, GI issues, and hormone problems to name a few. I used conventional medical interventions across the years (yes, years; decades actually, these said problems started as a child). I had some symptom relief, a few added side effects to weigh out, and really just unexplained reasons for what I was experiencing. I honestly just learned to deal with it. Until I decided that this wasn't going to cut it. My body was telling me something wasn't right and I needed to do something about it. I started to inform myself. I learned about an integrated medicine mindset. I sought out like minded people and built myself a tribe of medical professionals (both conventional and trained in natural medicine) that were also informed in this mindset and could be my trusted guides. I was educated on how food sensitivities and intolerance can have a major impact on many of our body systems. I found out what my specific intolerance and sensitivities were. I keep working to heal my body and maintain wellness through food choices. I've seen my body lose inflammation, gain energy, better sleep, and emotional balance. Headaches are drastically less frequent. Digestive problems are few and far between and my female body is healing. I've learned just how worth it these choices are and I work hard to maintain this lifestyle because I see and feel the difference. There are bumps in the road, cheat days, and days of digging in to figure out more "why." Overall, I've learned how food quality, environmental factors and daily product choices impact my wellness. I learn about toxins. I read labels. I seek quality. I put things back on the shelf. I throw things out. I research. I find a swap. I journey forward. I share it.

Queue doTERRA. Essential oils have been something I have enjoyed for years in this integrated wellness lifestyle. I bought them at health food stores. I noticed their aromatics made me feel emotionally balanced when I wore them on my jewelry or even diffused them in our home. I started to learn I could use them to swap out some chemical laden cleaners in our home. They seemed to be popping up on every shelf with the craziest range of cost. I mean seriously $1 for a bottle of "pure" oil. Really? This other oil with the same name is $21. People asked me about them. I realized I had to learn more about what was in these bottles. I read, I researched. I talked to my tribe of people using them. I abandoned my old choices. I chose doTERRA. I am absolutely confident in this choice. Here's the skinny on why: Quality and people. doTERRA oils are grown and harvested around the world where each plant grows at its best; by people who are taken care of and supported (you must experience this--jump on YouTube after you read this and check out a doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing video or two and see how the amazing caring ethos of doTERRA is as it stretches around the world). doTERRA oils are tested, tested, and tested again; beyond any oil out there (doTERRA testing does not stop at GC/MS testing-which is important and good to see on some other oil labels, but it's not enough; adulterating practices are too savvy). Essential oils are not a food or a drug; so the FDA does not regulate them. It is absolutely too easy for adulterated and synthetic oils to be passed to us the consumer with labels that say pure or organic because something in the bottle meets this description. Remember, we are choosing these oils not just because they smell good, we want them to support our wellness; using an adulterated oil is not an option.

So doTERRA is for me. These little amber bottles have been a part of my everyday routines for almost a year now. I wear them. I diffuse them. I take them internally. All to proactively support my wellness. When an ailment or wellness issue comes up, I go to my resources (my doTERRA tribe and books like Modern Essentials and The Essential Life and find out what oil I can use to help). I trust doTERRA supplements and personal care items daily too. They are so complementary in my integrated wellness lifestyle. They work. And so I share. I invite you. Come check them out. See if they are for you. And if you too have realized they are for you; I encourage you, keep learning, keep choosing. And if I can help you in any way as you build on your wellness routines don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'd love to support you on your journey! Be well.


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