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Summer is loading...intentions are setting. Let's do this!

Summer is loading and is at arms reach! As a school therapist, this is a well awaited, physically and mentally earned gift each year when it arrives. I’m WAY ready for this Summer Break. Queue the astronomical amount of rain we have had in the Midwest this spring to seriously stop already!

With the daily grind coming to a different pace very soon, I wanted to take some time to reflect. I think for me, this is actually more like mental mapping of sorts because let's be honest, “the planner” in me wants to know what’s to come along on the journey this summer even before I just get going with “summer life things”! Are you like that too? Welcoming of the different pace, the self chosen kind, but still wanting to make sure you’ve got some organized thoughts about it all? If so, come along on the journey of my thoughts about all this today. I like to think sharing these things is meaningful as we do this human BEing thing together...may you be inspired and please reach out and inspire me too. I enjoy journeying together.

Every year by the time I flip the calendar to June, I’m absolutely spent!! But with sincere honesty I feel like this year, I actually have more left in me than usual. Now, don’t get me wrong...I am still tired at the end of my days. But today, I flipped the calendar and sat enjoying a quiet morning, I realized that I physically FEEL less stressed than usual. Now, how can this be? All the “stuff” has still been going on. The stress factor is undoubtedly still there; my days have been jam packed, really I have had even more commitments this year with balancing the school OT gig, home, personal and family life, building and supporting my doTERRA biz AND being back in school to bring my vision of wellness coaching to another level. Even with all that, “the feels” are noticeably different; more manageable, less all consuming. But, how?

Informed choice and intention.

I have continued to seek and choose informed decisions with food, essential oils, natural solutions, & lifestyle non-negotiables. I have chosen to make meaningful supportive decisions that are about ME. Okay, you’re right, I have been working at these things for years now, but one of the biggest differences this year is that I have chosen to embrace showing my body and mind more grace. I have purposefully been tuning in more to listening to my body’s messages. I’d be lying if I said I have felt and even showed up as my best self every single day. No, no I haven’t. I have let some things get to me here and there. But I feel like I am able to let them go so much easier now than in the past. I have learned that what I give my energy to expands itself; good or bad. I am still dealing with navigating my hormonal health, but I am giving that time and rest when I need it. I have worked to not get angry or frustrated about it. I have embraced that this doesn't mean that all the efforts I have put in or the "things" I am doing aren't working. I have healed in so many ways and overall I have felt physically and mentally better this year for sure.

My true passion in life is ultimately guided by my service heart, the majority of what I do, is often about and for other people. I wouldn't have it any other way. This is rooted in my belief that everyone has a best self and so many things get in the way of us being able to experience what we want of that and I really like helping people navigate this. Along this wellness journey, I have been gifted with some amazing fellow journeyers (family, friends, fellow health coaches, biz partners, and like minded wellness coaching peeps-met through social media and professional development training) in my life who continuously encourage how true the saying is “You can’t fill from and empty cup.” So I have been trying to focus in on this first. I have found that one of the biggest parts of doing this successfully is setting intention. Asking myself:

“What am I going to do “on purpose” to make this happen?”

This word intention is mentioned a lot in my yogi world, but I have grown to embrace it as an guide for making “all the things” work while feeling my best and honoring the moments I don’t. So as I head into Summer, I want to make sure I am sticking with the part of my routine that helps me stay connected to my self care and with the gift of more time, secure up the routines that aren’t yet habits that I still waver from when there are more “to dos” on the daily list. I’d like to encourage you to join me if you feel this could be your thing too.

Now, to stick with intentions, I personally know that I need them written down, scheduled in. This is not so much for the need to check them off or to put pressure on to push through a list of to-dos, but for me, this is more of a promise to make my wellness routines non-negotiable. It encourages me to block out my time in a way that is productive and intentional to still work towards and achieve the personal and professional visions I have. These are still very important to me during the summer months too. I really like Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Planner as it has a nice daily morning reflection and planning, time blocking slots, and end of the day reflecting. Using this is something I haven’t fully committed to daily habit yet, but know I want to make this a priority. The days I have used it, I haven’t wavered from doing what mattered to me the most. I was prepared for things that might stump me and honestly it often even took less effort to do "the things" because my attitude about it was that I already agreed to get it accomplished. It was my intention.

Here’s some of my personal wellness intentions I am committing to this summer in case you need some ideas (not necessarily in temporal order):

  • setting the environment (getting essential oil diffusers going first thing to set the vibe)

  • also need to update the music/podcast playlist for good tunes/motivation for the days

  • daily yoga/meditation and write pages (I will blog more about this when it gets going)

  • exploring other exercise routines (yoga is my jam, but it’s time to get out of comfort zone more often to see what my body does with that)

  • daily supplements and oil application (These are habit. I have these into specific time frames of my day to make sure don’t forget them).

  • keeping committed to monthly massages

  • meal planning and prepping (intentionally seeking out new foods to try and exploring farmers markets for quality local foods)

  • sticking to a daily designated chore (so not all the cleaning has to happen at once-making it an all day responsibility, aka time sucker)

  • time blocking for relationship time with hubby, family, and friends

  • time blocking biz

  • time blocking health coach training

THEN realizing I still have many hours for all the fun summer things I already adore and also new ones I want to explore more (like beach days, movies, shopping, traveling, “junkin’, porch sitting, house projects, book reading, bonfires, park visits, hammock time, bike rides, nature walks, crafting, gardening and I am sure more to come). I long await these summertime cup fillers, but now that I have given thought to my wellness intentions, I will enjoy these even more because the non-negotiables will have happened FIRST!

Summer. I am ready for you!

How about you?

Are you feeling ready?

What do you have going on this Summer?

Would you like some ideas for wellness support? I'd love to chat and help you explore some natural solutions that can help you set and commit to your intentions. Send me a message. Let's commit to intentions together. I have found that accountability partnerships are super helpful for sticking to a plan and to help encourage grace when we need it!

How can I support you?

Let's do this!


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