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Your Wellness Guide on the Side

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching 

I am a Certified Health Coach (INHC) through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  My coaching specialties: 

  • Informed in 100+ dietary theories

  • Versed in crowding out and deconstructing cravings

  • Equipped to guide you with mindset and an approach to understanding real and quality foods

  • Personalized nutrition/food choices (no flip flop diets here) 

  • Guidance through development of sustainable routines

  • Help you overcome barriers with time stress, financial constraints, occasional health issues, and other environmental factors that hold you back 

  • Supportive accountability practice

  • Help you explore the physical, psychological, behavioral, and emotional needs in your life 

  • Focus on whole body wellness in a non-judgmental way 

  • Taking ideas and aspirations and turning them into routine lifestyle habits on and off the plate

doTERRA Wellness Education 

I am your doTERRA wellness advocate. I am an authority on using quality essential oils to achieve consistent therapeutic benefits for wellness needs like energy, sleep, emotional support, digestion, immunity, and occasional pain. I am a huge advocate of using natural solutions for cleaning our homes and for our personal care. I teach classes and share ways to integrate these products into your everyday routine for sustainable, proactive wellness. 

Why doTERRA? 

The integrity of this company is amazing. Let's just say not all essential oils are created equal. There is no industry standard for quality and purity, which means that if you are buying an oil off the shelf, there's a high probability that it is not pure, even if the label says so. This means you will not get that consistent result you are looking for in your product. doTERRA has incredible partnerships with farmers and distillers all over the world so that the product inside the bottle is in it's best form. Plus, the farmers are being taken care of. It's pure magic on both sides of the bottle.  doTERRA oils are Certified Pure Tested Grade. These oils go through an extensive testing both in company and through third party verification to make sure what is on the label is exactly what is in the bottle, so that your experience is one of wellness when you go to use these gifts of the Earth.  

Work with Me

Health Coaching Programs Available: 

Lunch & Learn opportunities are an excellent way to encourage healthy lifestyle empowerment for you and your staff. The options are really endless. Choose from a pre-designed single wellness class, book a series of classes or collaborate to create a class/series designed uniquely for your staff.  Current available topics: Work/Life Balance, Boosting Confidence in Healthy Eating, Self Advocating to Avoid Burnout, Sustaining Physical & Mental Capacity for Work/Life Desired Goals. Virtual and In-Person Options available.  Contact for pricing and scheduling. 

Group Coaching focuses on general strategies for targeted areas of wellness.  These are available at different intervals throughout the year or may be customized for a group you lead. May be virtual or in-person. Contact for details. 

My 1:1 Coaching program is a 10-week program. You will meet remotely with me via video or phone call 1x weekly for 50 minutes. Over the course of this 10-week program, you can transform your health without dieting by focusing on food mindset & sustainable actions. In the first 5-weeks, you will explore & understand food options, notice how foods make you feel, access easy ways to crowd out what is not feeling good, and transform how you fill up without feeling restricted. The second 5-weeks is an opportunity to transform your health through guided exploration of 5 common factors that may be holding you back from leading your most joyful life. On this intimate journey of self-care you will explore & assess your personal limiting beliefs, time scarcity mindset, alone time value, connection to your power-source and begin to boldly give yourself permission & communicate what you want, need and deserve while simultaneously loving & leading others.

Want to know the specific areas you will explore with me in this program? Here is a glimpse at the first 5 weeks: 

  • Common beliefs and behaviors around food 

  • Self Assessment of limiting beliefs about food 

  • Fridge Stocking/Plate Building/Balanced Habits 

  • Becoming a label detective and crowding out 

  • Metabolic Health/Blood Sugar Regulation 

  • Squashing low-fat diet culture & learning how to choose supportive fats

  • Understanding & Choosing Proteins 

  • Choosing quality nutritional supplementation

  • Supports for eating out 

And a glimpse at the second 5 weeks: 

  • Define what fills you up "off the plate" 

  • Self Assess Your Pillars of Health 

  • Navigate 5 common factors holding you back from leading your most joyful life 

  • Re-scripting Self Talk 

  • Setting Healthy Boundaries 

  • Releasing Time Scarcity Mindset 

  • Exploring Spiritual Hungers 

  • Connecting to Intuition 

  • Creating Alone Time & Rebooting Opportunities 

1:1 Continued Connection Membership. Coaching clients that complete a program and are eager to keep proximity with me to support ongoing health conscious living can opt into a monthly or quarterly membership call and text/email connection plan.  

Schedule a FREE 30-min connection call today! Click Contact. 

All program pricing will be provided upon request. Rates range from $130-$300 per hour depending on programing and level of supports. 

Getting started with doTERRA: 

You can gather a group of friends and family for a class and I will teach the essential oil basics or address a targeted area of need per your request. You will be gifted hostess rewards and your guests will be incentivized when they get started with their wellness products.  

We can schedule a 1:1 discovery call to discuss your top wellness concerns and needs. I can help guide you to a starter bundle  or an a la carte order that will help you address your individual needs. 

All new customers receive a FREE 30 minute wellness consult with me to review your starter products, help you set up a routine, and make sure you know how to get the best out of your wholesale membership as you shop and swap your products for a healthier lifestyle.  

All customers are plugged into my educational community for ongoing learning and support. 

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